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2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:08:00 AM »
In the first pro-am female wrestling match on this tape Sexy blonde Candi, in her yellow bikini, awaits looker Rachel. Rachel arrives in a micro blue print bikini, and both women warriors are sporting luscious high heels. The more experienced Candi attacks first, and throws Rachel to the mat with a tight headlock. Rachel escapes, tortures Candiís stomach with a scissors hold, and then is blasted by a vengeful Candi. Rachel is thrown into the ropes, stomach punched and kneed, then flipped to the mat.

Candi has seen many opponents in this ring, and she is intent on destroying this brazen newcomer for daring to challenge her. Rachel shows her grit, holding Candi in a brutal stomach scissors, as she tries to tear out every blonde hair she can grab hold of. A howling Candi becomes enraged, stomps Rachelís belly, and the two then roll on the mat in tight skin-to-skin contact as the war rages on. Finally, a fierce headlock catches a whimpering blonde, and her opponent applies a vicious sleeper hold. Itís lights out for the loser!

In the next pro-am female wrestling match, Santana, with her great body in perfect shape, views a preening Christine in the opposite corner. Christine flexes her buff biceps and looks ready for the battle. The initial contact finds both women on the mat, and Santana controls the ex Penthouse Pet at the start--but the exertion pops Santanaís fine breasts out of the tiny bikini top.

Christine then attacks and shoves her into the ring corner where she drapes Santanaís legs over the top ropes. While her opponent hangs face down, Christine stomps her neck and punches and kicks her howling victim. Christineís mastery of kick-boxing and her natural violent temper give way to an onslaught of groin punching, hair pulling, and breasts grabbing, while Santana returns the favor with her own crotch kicking attack. The battle ebbs and flows with exhausting holds until one girl experiences a humiliating face sitting coupled with hair pulling, leading to a bitter defeat.

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2 Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling Matches
« on: September 04, 2012, 05:08:00 AM »