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Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling
« on: December 05, 2012, 03:48:02 PM »
"Battle Of The Amazons" 

Shelly Vs. Sandy w/ Referee
Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling

Shelly, the large busted veteran, meets the equally well endowed Sandy in a pro-am female wrestling match that not only ends up topless but also concludes with an unusual finish. Fred, the referee, gives the two girls instructions and they rush off to battle. Sandy is quickly thrown to the floor, stomped, and caught in a half nelson, while Shelly savagely mauls her opponent’s ample assets. Then Sandy returns Shelly’s attack as she grips the big blonde in a cruel stomach scissors while ripping Shelly’s red top right off. Not content just exposing Shelly’s ample bosom, Sandy cruelly pulls on the big blonde’s nipples. Shelly escapes, unties Sandy’s top, straddles her on the mat, and exacts a thrashing, howling pin on the writhing girl. Sandy jumps up and attacks the astonished Fred, claiming that her shoulders were never down.

Fall number two is now all Sandy’s as the enraged blonde almost murders poor Shelly, sitting unmercifully on her face while her sharp nails find tender flesh and she squeezes Shelly’s beasts again and again. The shocked Shelly is counted out--but like the loser of fall number one, she now attacks the referee, who gets a face full of throbbing breasts as Shelly almost destroys him.

As the third fall begins, the marks of the battle are plainly seen. Long red nail marks adorn Shelly’s breasts as these two battle to a savage and screaming finish--but not before both girls attack the referee together, leaving him lying on the mat unconscious. With no referee around, one battling blonde catches the other in a tight figure four headlock and almost annihilates her with a suffocating sleeper hold. She then lifts the lifeless loser and deposits her on the still sleeping referee, placing her foot on the poor guy’s puss. An all --out savage pro-am female wrestling battle between two endowed blondes who know how to fight and how to hurt. Just ask Fred!

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