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     Here's our first contribution from BlizzardJuki

      My name is Judith, I'm 21 now. I'm a wrestling, lycra and fitness fanatic. I loved wrestling ever since I was a kid. GLOW was on TV then and I loved it. Seeing those women wrestle I realized it was something I liked and wanted to do. I got hooked on that feeling. I loved the tension that sparkled in the air as gorgeous girls in superb costumes climbed into the ring ready to rumble.
      My love for fitness and shiny spandex came later. I think it all came from a peculiar and youthful need to show off that I’d always had within me. When I got older, I got into freestyle wrestling and fitness. As my body started to look better and better I increasingly felt the need to show it off. With the 80s nylon-lycra craze I fell in love almost instantly with nylon-lycra which seemed like it was especially invented for me. I wore sparkly lycra pantyhose since I was like 10 but nylon lycra seemed just the thing to combine with it or wear it as it was.
I first started to go to wrestling practice in leotards, but once I went in a superb metallic thong back one and I got sent home. The only kind of leotard the coach would accept from then on was the long-sleeved full bottom competition-type gymnastics leotard. My freestyle wrestling results were not all that good though as in competitions bigger girls used to pin me senseless. Despite this, I became something of a crowd favorite because of my competition leotards. That was the time when I started wearing pantyhose with my leos to matches. Besides offering a great mat-burn protection, they also looked gorgeous on me. Pretty soon, despite the not-so -good results, I became everybody's favorite wrestler.

In elementary school, I quit wrestling (in about 6th grade) and started doing gymnastics. This was where I befriended some girls who were also interested in wrestling. We used to go to each others' places to wrestle. We held a regular championship - I remember I used to lose a lot because for me it never mattered whether I won or lost, it was the joy of wrestling that counted.
One of the girls - we all went to the same school- once had the idea that we should hold a wrestling show at school. There were four of us and we did a tournament round-robin kind of thing that was an absolute success with the crowd. They chanted, screamed and encouraged us all through the show. Pretty soon, other girls wanted to join in on the fun. That's when I told the troop: “how about having a pro-style show?" just like GLOW had been.

Next thing we knew, we were no longer organizing the shows, and the shows got much larger with larger and larger crowds attending. The organizers started to bring in other girls from other schools for us to wrestle. I remember one such show was organized in a small tourist resort - near our town -in the middle of the summer. The crowd was huge as it was the middle of the season. I was 19 then. My first match would be against a girl named Susie, the second one would be against Katie, a girl that I’d wrestled before, and to whom I was quite equal in strength and technique, third match against a local girl - don't recall her name, and the fourth also against a local girl, Alina, who was just 18, a real ballerina physique at the time and a complete newbie to the game.

They put up a ring outside in the open air, as the weather was great there every summer. On the first day of the show, which was supposed to last 3 days, with four matches every day, the crowd was huge. Every girl had one match with each of the other girls, the winner of the tournament would be decided on the no. of victories. Everything would be pro style, so pins to the 3 count and submissions counted for a win.

I knew this Susie was a really tough costumer. She was a lot stronger then I and had a lot more experience too. I was prepared that she'd probably destroy me. I wore a super shiny sleeveless nylon-lycra cherry colored flexatard unitard for my first match. It was so shiny, that the glare of my body was visible on the wall as I walked alongside it, especially as the sun was shining nicely that day. I climbed into the ring as we were both announced. Susie was wearing a pair of shiny black Nylon-lycra leggings with a matching lycra top . She had some truly heavy makeup on. The crowd went wild. Most of them had probably never seen two such beautiful girls wrestle before. The bell sounded and we started circling each-other. What can I say? She destroyed me indeed. I think she was one of the best wrestlers around. It was basically a wrestling lesson for me and a hell of a show delivered to the audience. Susie woman-handled me in every possible way. She threw me around, bulldogged, powerslammed, suplexed me all over the ring. I couldn't put in one offensive move. On one occasion, she locked me in a small package with my behind up skyward, but it was not a pin as my shoulders were not on the mat but rested on her stomach. She kept me completely helpless there for about 4-5 minutes as the crowd cheered her on. After that, she quickly clotheslined me (she almost blew me out of my Unitard) then stood me up, hooked my left leg and suplexed me with my leg hooked. I thought dizzily ‘this is it' but as the ref started slapping the mat ' 1-2..' she quickly released me. 'uh-oh' the MC said, " she's probably going for a submission'. She toyed with me a bit longer, then took me off the 3rd rope with a Frankensteiner and snapped on a truly inescapable STF. The pain was mind-boggling. I tried for like half a second to reach for the ropes, but she tightened the STF a bit. I instantly started screaming my submission and slapping the mat with my free hand like a madwoman. The crowd went absolutely bananas. It looked like that was the part they enjoyed most. It took me about 2 minutes to come to and stand up after such a beating. The ref then got hold of both of our hands and raised hers in victory. I felt victorious too, having escaped that dreadful STF. That was my first-day match.

On that day, Susie had another match against Katie whom she beat in similar fashion. The local girl (whose name I don't recall) beat Alina via submission, so on the first day, there were three matches all ending in submissions. The following day I went up against Katie. That time I wore a slinky (though full bottom) shiny black long sleeved gymnast leo, with tiny silver leaves on the chest and a superb Wolford Fatal Neon super shiny pantyhose (tan color). Katie had a white shiny lycra pantyhose on (Pretty Polly I think). On it, she wore a pair of super-shiny black nylon-lycra shorts that had a two -inch -wide trim of black lace on the bottom. She looked dazzling. She wore a matching top. This match was a lot more balanced than yesterday's. The advantage see-sawed and I almost pinned her once with a nice sunset flip after which she almost got a submission via a single leg Boston. I managed to reach the ropes though. She eventually won the match - to my greatest regret, as we were really closely matched. She powerslammed me, then curled my left leg to my chest for the 3 count. I was really annoyed I’d lost because I could've won several times through the match and I blew my chances.

Katie had a second match that day, beating Alina via submission. Susie pinned the local girl. On the third (and final) day I had two matches - against the two local girls: Alina and Whatshername. The first one was against Whatshername. I wore a neon-green super-shiny lycra one piece bathing suit with white shiny Pretty Polly pantyhose. My opponent wore a black shiny one-piece with multi-colored stars all over it.

I liked that suit but I found her pantyhose quite tasteless. It was a black one with Cuban seam on the back of her legs. The panty-part was a lace-kind of imitation, but it was showing a bit on either side of her leotard's panty-line. I beat her, even though the match was quite balanced. At one point, I managed to Michinoku-drive her and then small-packaged her Cuban-pantyhose rear for the pin. The pantyhose was obviously a number too small for her because as soon as we started to wrestle it slid out from under her leo barely containing her rather huge trunk. I bagged my first win though and I was quite happy. Katie went up against the same girl after our match and not surprisingly she cruised to a comfortable submission victory. The match started out quite balanced but eventually Katie destroyed Cuban pantyhose girl and made her surrender.

My second match of the day and last of the tournament was against Alina. She was a very skinny chick who had lost to everyone thus far. I felt quite excited about the prospect of another victory. She wore a metallic gold full bottom long sleeve gymnast leo with red-ish shiny pantyhose with small flowers all over it. I dominated her and took her through all the grueling holds I knew. The crowd loved it, especially the finish when I put her into a grapevine but held her right shoulder up so that it wouldn’t count as a pin. She tapped out rather soon. She was screaming her submission but I kept her in the hold, holding on to her as the ref tried to break the hold. As I stood up after the ref pulled me off her, I felt great, adrenaline rushing through my body. After the match, Alina came up to me and said that she enjoyed the match a lot except for the finish. She also said that she liked me and she gave me her number telling me to call her if I ever wanted to do some wrestling practice with her.

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