Theresa vs Gail

(THERESA SALAZAR, a petite Filipina, 23, is sitting cross-legged and barefoot across from GAIL FERGUSON, a red-haired woman in her late thirties. Gail is wearing a standard blue Adidas bathing suit while Theresa is wearing a green polka-dot bathing suit and black shorts. Both are holding meditative poses, fingers crossed and eyes closed. Near them are two chairs. Light jackets are hanging over there and two pairs of boots rest on the chairs.)
GAIL: Breathe in
(Both inhale and hold their breath)
GAIL: Breathe out.
(Both exhale slowly. Gail opens her eyes, straightens out one leg and stretches, trying to touch her toes.)
GAIL: Okay, Theresa. Straighten one leg and try to touch your toes.
(Theresa obeys and stretches her leg to the point that the bottom of her foot touches the bottom of Gail’s foot. Both stretch and try to touch each other’s toes. They hold the position for a few minutes. Theresa and Gail look up, into each other’s eyes. Theresa starts to chuckle.)
GAIL: (Smiling) what?
THERESA: (Chuckling and in a Filipino accent) Nothing!
(She looks at Theresa, somewhat amused. She finally stands up.)
GAIL: Okay, let’s go to the mats and practice.
(Theresa gets up and walks with Gail to the practice mats. They both stand opposite each other. After a minute, both assume a fighting stance.)
GAIL: Okay, Theresa. Try to hit me. But, focus!
(Theresa looks at Gail, hesitant)
GAIL: (Insistent) Come on! HIT ME!
(Theresa narrows her brow and looks Gail over. She takes a step back and throws a kick at Gail. She catches Theresa’s leg, holds it for a second, and pushes it back. Theresa falls to one knee on the mat)
GAIL: Don’t hesitate! Focus! Hit me again!
(Theresa gets up and assumes her fighting stance again. She looks at Gail determinedly.)
GAIL: (Snappily) Come on! What are you waiting for?
(Theresa steps back a few steps, and waits.)
GAIL: (Frustrated) Come on! I thought you wanted to try something new! Hit me! Hit me or don’t bother with the….
(As she is about to finish talking, Theresa rushes at her. She misses her as Gail just merely steps out of the , that’way. Theresa stops in her tracks and turns to face Gail again.)
GAIL: Try again! Focus!
(Theresa starts to throw a kick at Gail, but she catches her leg and pushes it back, once again driving her to the mat on one knee. Theresa, however, shoots back up and again throws another kick at Gail, this time a high-kick. Gail jumps backward and starts to step forward towards Theresa when she had her back turned.)
GAIL: Oh, that’s how you want to play it?
(Theresa looks at Gail from the corner of her eye and tries a roundhouse kick. Gail stops in her tracks and Theresa, once she faces Gail, bends down and attempts to tackle Gail, aiming at her knees. She catches her in the knees, pulling them forward. This causes Gail to stumble and fall back first to the mat.)
GAIL: (Proudly) Good job. (Theresa gets off her and she gets up.) You persisted. You looked for openings and took advantage.
(Theresa smiles, gives a little clap, and jumps up and down in excitement.)
GAIL: Okay, now it’s time for me to try to hit you. Try to avoid that.

(CUT TO: a young man in a suit. He is standing at the door of the practice room. He is watching the two women spar. He walks over to them and composes himself in order to try to talk to them. Gail is trying to hit Theresa. Theresa, so far, is managing to avoid the hits.)
YOUNG MAN: (Nervously, but trying his best to sound official) Ahem!
(Gail and Theresa stop sparring and look at the young men.)
GAIL: Yes?
YOUNG MAN: Theresa Salazar? (Pauses) Hi. Your match is in ten minutes.
GAIL: (Pointing to Theresa) Her match is in ten minutes? Against who?
YOUNG MAN: I think against Arkansas Terror.
(The young man leaves while Theresa and Gail face each other with excitement and anxiety. Gail puts her hand on theresa’s shoulder.)
GAIL: (Excitedly and with encouragement) Okay, Theresa. This is it! Your first match!
THERESA: (Nervously) Really? Oh, I’m so nervous.
GAIL: (Reassuringly) Don’t worry. I understand that it is your first match. You said you wanted to try something new, here is your chance. I am going to be with you; to offer you advice. (Pats Theresa on the shoulder) Don’t worry. I will be right there. (They both go to the chairs and put on their boots, and then their ring jackets.)
GAIL: Theresa, remember what I have taught you. Don’t be nervous and focus. Don’t let your opponent see that you are afraid. Just try to wear him down and look for an opening.
(Theresa looks at Gail tight-lipped. She goes over to her and they hug each other for good luck. They leave the mat room.)


(There are only a few hundred people at ringside sitting on chairs, held back from the aisle by a guardrail. There is a wrestling ring in the middle of the arena. Theresa, accompanied by Gail, walks somewhat nervously down the aisle, but tries to hide her anxiety. Both of them look to the crowd and slap the hands of young fans. Once they step into the ring, Gail puts her hand on Theresa’s shoulder, calming her. In the ring with them are a referee and a ring announcer.)
RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Manila, Phillipines, She weighs in at 90 pounds and is accompanied by her teacher, Gail Ferguson, please welcome… (A brief pause) THERESA SALAZAR!
(Theresa claps her hands, jumps up and down in excitement mixed in with anxiety, and flashes a peace sign to the crowd. The crowd cheers and claps. Gail just waves to the crowd. Theresa removes her ring jacket and hands it over to Gail.)
(Theresa walks over to the ring announcer.)
THERESA: (Softly) Can I borrow the microphone for a minute? Please?
(The ring announcer gave her the microphone and stepped aside. Theresa looked at the crowd nervously. She raised the microphone slowly to her mouth.)
THERESA: (Calmly) Kumusta, Stockholm, Sweden. I would like to thank everyone here for coming. (There is a pause, and the clapping from the crowd) I would also like to thank the Nordic wrestling Federation for this great opportunity. Thank you all and cheers!
(She flashes a smile to the crowd, hands the microphone back to the ring announcer and heads to the corner with Gail. Suddenly, the crowd boos. A masked white man, taller than Theresa and in his late thirties, walks down the aisle, wearing all black. He is scowling at the fans and snarling at them.)
RING ANNOUNCER: And Her opponent, he is from Dansville, Arkansas, America, he weighs in at 190 pounds, here is…. (pause) The Arkansas Terror!
(The Arkansas Terror steps into the ring and poses for the crowd.. Theresa looks at him tight-lipped. He, on the other hand, looks at her with contempt.)
GAIL: Okay, Theresa. It’s time. Focus and don’t worry. I am right here with you. (He looks at the Arkansas Terror thoughtfully) He is bigger, so we have to try to find a way to bring him down without making too much contact with him.
(Gail steps out of the ring and, incidentally, Arkansas Terror does so as well. He stomps over to the ring announcer’s table, upset. Theresa cautiously walks over to the ropes when he is, careful not to get too close to the edge.)
ARKANSAS TERROR: (Shouting) What the hell is this? You put me in a ring against a Filipina midget!?
RING ANNOUNCER: (Calmly) But, sir! I don’t make the matches! I just announce them. You’re just gonna have to do your job.
(He looks at the ring announcer, scowling. He looks back at the ring and slowly approaches the edge. He looks at Theresa, scowling all the while. He grabs onto the rope and pulls himself onto the mat. Just as he does so, Theresa rushes at him, full speed ahead, leaping forward and driving her knee into his face, driving him onto the floor, but landing on his feet.)
GAIL: (Excitedly) Yes, You got him. Now, step away!
(Theresa turns to step away, but not quick enough. Arkansas Terror grabs her ankle and roughly pulls it from behind her, tripping her. He still holds on, tightening his grip as she struggles to free herself. Gail looks on in horror.)
GAIL: (Screaming) Theresa! Get out of there! Free yourself!
THERESA: (Panicking and struggling) Let me go!
(Theresa kicks weakly at his hands with her free foot, but they do not affect him. He simply grabs her other foot and drags her out of the ring. Once out of the ring, he turns her to face him and nails her with a hard right hand. This knocks her to the floor.)
(He then drives one his boots to the side of her head, causing her face to hit the floor. He grabs the back of her neck and pulls her to her feet. He scoops her up, and holds her upside down for a full minute. He then slams her back first onto the floor, causing her to yelp.)
ARKANSAS TERROR: (To the crowd) Yeah! (To theresa) Come on. Get up!
(Theresa holds her lower back, moaning. Arkansas Terror pulls her to her feet and rolls her into the ring. He climbs into the ring after her, and the bell rings.)
GAIL: Come on, Theresa. You can do it. Find your strength.
(Arkansas Terror stalks Theresa, and grans her ponytail. He slowly pulls her to her knees. Theresa, however, desperately drives an elbow into his mid-section.)
(She drives an elbow into his mid-section again. She then does it two more times, causing to bend over for a few seconds. That doesn’t last very long as he then gets enraged and drives a fist to the side of her and then drives his fist into the back of her head.) ARKANSAS TERROR: Little bitch!
(He then stomps on her back two times. He pulls her to her feet and drags her to the corner, where he then smashes her face into the turnbuckle. He then turns her around and slaps her face twice. He takes her arm and launches her across the ring to the opposite ring post, where she turns around and slams back-first into the turnbuckle.)
(Arkansas Terror runs at her, full steam ahead. Theresa weakly manages to dodge out of the way, causing him to miss her and slam chest first into the turnbuckle, causing him to stagger backward. Theresa is now on the mat, on both knees.)
ARKANSAS TERROR: (Surprised) What the….?
GAIL: (Encouraged) Yeah! Now, get him!
(Theresa slowly gets up and charges towards him. She leaps forward and drives her knee into his chest, caiusing him to stagger to the point of falling.)
GAIL: Yes! He is almost down!
(Theresa takes a few steps back, and charges forward again. She drives her knee into his chest, and this time, knocks him back-first onto the mat.)
THERESA: (Excited) Yes! I did it!
GAIL: (Happily) You did it, Theresa. Now, keep him down.
(He is clearly surprised that he had been brought down by such a small Asian woman. That surprise is soon cut short as Theresa charges forward again, doing a front-flip that causes her to land back first on him. She then gets back to her feet, does a gymnast post, and lays down on top of him. The referee lies across from them, ready to count.)
Referee: 1…. 2….
(Arkansas Terror raises his shoulder from the mat, making the referee stop the count. Theresa looks at the referee with disappointment. She then gets up and drives her boot into Arkansas terror’s face twice. She then looks to Gail for guidance)
GAIL: Uh….. Just try to keep him down.
(Theresa walks over to his feet and grabs one foot, lifting it upright. Without warning, he pulls his foot back, with her still holding on, and pushes her away as hard he can with his foot, causing her to let go and fall back first onto the mat.)
THERESA: (Rubbing her back) Ow!
(He got up, not too quickly and not too slowly. He looked menacingly at Theresa, who by now looked scared and scooted away backwards.) GAIL: Come on! You’re being scared! That is a mistake!!
(He lunged forward at Theresa, driving his boot into the side of her head.)
ARKANSAS TERROR: Okay, let’s finish this.
(He bends down and pulls Theresa up by her arms. He scoops her up by her stomach and lifts her high above her head. He walks to the centre of the ring and does a 180-degree turn, still holding her.)
THERESA: (Panic-stricken) Please! Don’t drop me!
(He drops his her face-first to the mat, suddenly. He runs to the ropes, bounces off, and jumps forward, landing with his stomach on her back. She then shows a few muscle spasms and taps her feet slightly on the mat. He then turns her to her back and places one hand on her chest. The referee gets into position to count.)
Referee: 1….. 2….. 3! (The bell rings)
(Arkansas Terror gets up and roars! The referee goes to raise his hand in victory)
RING ANNOUNCER: And here is your winner…. ARKANSAS TERROR!
(He poses for the crowd while Gail, cautiously, enters the ring and sneaks over quickly to Theresa. Arkansas terror looks at her with contempt, and leaves the ring, heading back to the dressing room.)
GAIL: (Worried) Theresa! Are you okay?
(Theresa just moans.)
REFEREE: Can I get a stretcher here!?
GAIL: Don’t worry, Theresa. You will be okay.
(Later, a stretcher is brought to ringside. Fade out.)

INT – Infirmary – Mid-Day
(Gail is standing over Theresa with a doctor, who is applying an ice pack to her back.)
Doctor: (smiling) You have a little bruise, but other than that, you should be okay. Just lie here for a bit. (Looking at Gail) I am going to leave you two for a bit.
(The doctor leaves. Gail looks at Theresa, smiling.)
THERESA: (Weakly) I didn’t do too good, did I?
GAIL: (Re-assuringly) Don’t say that. It was your first match. You didn’t expect him to be so big. You even got a few hits in.
THERESA: But, I still lost. He was so mean.
GAIL: That’s the business for you. You may not win or do so good in your first match, but you have to put on a good show and you have to practice more, and then you will improve.
THERESA: I wonder if any of the fans liked me.
GAIL: I’m sure they did, I heard some of them cheering.
THERESA: (Smiling) Really? Maybe next time I will win a match.
GAIL: That’s the spirit! And I will be with you every step of the way.

Christopher Elieson