Divas and Knockouts Hall of Fame

   The reason we decided to include the Divas and the Knockouts and other personalities of the post-kayfabe era into a separate HoF section is an obvious one: they represent the new era of wrestling viewed as sports entertainment. Let's face it, whether we like it or not, kayfabe is dead and buried these days, but that doesn't mean me should ignore the wonderful ladies of wrestling of today, some of whom do indeed possess solid ring skills and some of whom are entirely deserving of being mentioned in the same breath with the sport's greats from the golden age of ladies wrestling viewed as a legitimate competition between two women. Although some of the women hogging a lot of limelight and television time in various wrestling shows today are definitely not wrestlers but entertainers excelling in other areas of the industry, there are still capable wrestlers gracing the television screens of an audience brought up on intricate and in the same time ridiculous storylines and much less wrestling-oriented shows staged by the mainstream organizations, and these female wrestlers deserve recognition.
These organizations still represent the dream and ultimate goal of every indy wrestler out there, so making it in one of them does actually count as a significant career achievement in the eyes of every professional out there.


- Trish Stratus