Women’s wrestling is a fine mix of glamour and physical prowess. Various female wrestling variants call for different attires, but since this website is mostly focused on professional wrestling, that’s what we’ll discuss in more detail in this section.
The singlets that lady wrestlers wear for freestyle matches have been around for a while. They are basically the same as men’s and not very complimenting for whoever wears them. For a while during the 90’s there was an attempt (check it out in some female freestyle wrestling videos from those years if you do not believe me) to differentiate between the wrestling attires worn by men and women. Ladies’ wrestling attires looked more like one piece bathing suits or leotards for a while, which was much more feminine, but given the fact that wrestlerettes wore no tights under them they seemed to ride up easily.
A rumor I heard says that the disappearance of such attires is not due to the many complaints by women wrestlers who wore them, but rather to the actions of feminist movements which found it much too revealing. Whatever’s the case, nowadays you won’t see such singlets in use. Women’s professional wrestling is an entirely different piece of toast. In professional wrestling, women can wear whatever they like. The classic wrestling attire for women was made up of tights (pantyhose) leotards (bathing suits) and boots. While in pro wrestling glamour is definitely a high priority, practicality shouldn’t be brushed aside either.
These classic costumes were not just glamorous and somewhat revealing, they were also highly practical. The pantyhose made sure matburn and scratches were efficiently fended off. It also served to keep those bathing suits from riding up. Through its nature, pantyhose provide unrestricted range and freedom of movement as well while protecting the legs.
The leotards didn’t ride up, and they pretty much excluded wardrobe malfunctions. One of the safest pieces of female garments from this respect, leotards are still widely used by professional (Brandi Collins, Violet Flame, Louise Lockwood, Patty Powers and many more) female wrestlers to this day.

The boots serve to protect the lower legs and especially the ankle from twists and shocks which are very frequent in the ring. Additional knee and elbow padding will protect the wrestlerettes’ joints from injury. Here are these equipment items discussed in detail:

- Leotards (bathing suits)

- Pantyhose (tights)

- Unitards

- Shiny Spandex Leggings

- Nylon Lycra Shorts

- Boots

- Knee and Elbow Pads

- Masks

- Makeup

- Women’s Wrestling Accessories

A female wrestler’s attire needs to be practical but in the same time very flashy and glamorous too. That’s why loads of shiny and bright colored materials are used not to mention spandex. Some female wrestlers choose to climb into the ring wearing what can only be described as street-clothes basically. Wrestling is supposed to be a visual spectacle, something far out of the ordinary. The spectators are not necessarily looking for cleavage or revealing outfits… they want glitz and glamour. It is expected of a diva. Not many ladies’ wrestling fans think particularly highly of such “street-clothes” getups. The fact that they’re impractical and often restrict movement shouldn’t even be mentioned.