Amateur or Freestyle Women's Wrestling

freestyle wrestling

   Freestyle is the only officially accepted form of women’s wrestling. Although girls have been wrestling for years in various local divisions (mostly collegiate programs), the sport has only recently found international recognition, when it became part of the Olympics, in 2004 in Athens.
Freestyle wrestlerettes wear a special nylon lycra singlet, which is different from what the men wear. These singlets usually have short legs, although for a while back in the 90s they were extremely high cut and some wrestlerettes even wore one-piece bathing suits to the mat. Those singlets were apparently uncomfortable as they rode up (an issue which could’ve probably been taken care of through the addition of pantyhose or tights) and they were abandoned as a result. Women are not allowed to wrestle wearing a male singlet and a T-shirt underneath (which is not exactly a stylish attire indeed). A truly competitive form of combat, women’s freestyle wrestling is scored based on certain body positions the combatants achieve during the match.

This is how the scoring goes:
- The wrestlerette who manages to take down her opponent, earns 1-5 points depending on the type of takedown. Takedowns involving lifts and spectacular throws get the maximum of 5 points.
- When a defending wrestlerette manages to turn the tables on her opponent, she gets 1 point for the reversal.
- Keeping an opponent in a dangerous position (with her back to the mat for several seconds) is worth 2-3 points.
- Penalties (like fleeing the mat or strikes directed at the opponent) cost the perpetrator 1-2 points, plus her opponent gets to choose which position she wants to start from.
- If a wrestlerette places her foot or other body-part outside the bounds, she is penalized with 1 point.

Victory can be achieved in a variety of ways:
- By pinning the opponent
- By dominating one’s opponent to the point of technical superiority
- By earning more points that the opposing wrestlerette and thus taking the decision
- By default (if the opposing wrestlerette fails to show up for the match)
- Via disqualification (when one’s opponent becomes too rough an gets disqualified by the referee)
- Through injury

Women’s freestyle wrestling matches are broken down into periods separated by 30 –second breaks.